The Tough Part is Where to Begin

Growing up I had a fantastic childhood thanks to my mother and father, but they each play different roles.

My mom is like my support network. She’s always there for me and never fails to give me good advice on anything (girls, jobs, etc.)

My dad is my businessman father who is incredibly smart, talented, and creates amazing results from whatever he touches (see Listen Trust), and he also provides me with infinite opportunities, something that is one of the biggest key factors in my life.

Recently (December 2016) I made a decision I wanted to stop going to college and do something with my life instead of being there and feeling like a drone. So naturally I reached out to my dad to ask around and see if I could learn from anyone.

I ended up driving to Missouri (I had just gotten a new car) and interning with Reggie Chandra, a great man, but we didn’t mesh well. There I also met Darren Olstad, which will become important later on.

After Missouri I finished off my little road trip by going to Santa Barbara, California and meeting with my brother there (Jay). We started a website development company called Handley Design.

When I was on my way Darren messaged me asking if I wanted to take a job at his company in Costa Rica. Naturally, with nothing else planned, I jumped on it.

In (April 2017) I discovered I wasn’t much of a fit with being Chief of HR at a Law Firm.

So I went home to Maine, worked as a server at a fine dining restaurant for 5 months or so in 2017.

In October of 2017 I made a decision to move to LA to pursue Acting, Modelling, and my dreams.

Now (June 2018)
I’m living in West Hollywood, working as a bouncer, promoter, app developer, model, and actor. I’ve created an app called BrHop (Map of all the bars in LA, and also tells you the hottest bars based on everyone who has the apps’ GPS location). I’m living life right now.