Getting Into Acting and Modeling in Los Angeles

Many people move to Los Angeles with stars in their eyes and dreams of being the “next big thing”.

The hard reality they face when they first get here is that there are simply so many people here for the same things that it really doesn’t matter what you think makes you unique.
You’re going to need to push and work hard, no matter what.

If you’re attractive – so are 10,000 other people. It really doesn’t matter how attractive you are, there’s always someone that is equally as attractive or better.

Can you sing? Wonderful so can the other thousands of artists here.

The point I’m trying to make is you can’t rely on your innate abilities to get where you want to go.

So how the hell do you get into it?

First things first. We’ll start with Acting.

In the Acting world in Los Angeles there are a few routes you can go that all depend on how green (new) you are to the business.

The first thing you want to do, no matter your level, is take acting classes. There are a lot of acting coaches in Los Angeles.
The top studios can be found with a quick Google Search – Top Acting Studios in Los Angeles

I highly recommend BGB Studios for those who are slightly advanced or simply beyond beginner. For beginners I recommend Scott Seditas’ Nuts n Bolts class. It’s the class I started with in Los Angeles and the class I would recommend taking it first if you’re brand new to the world.

Second, learn about the industry.

Learn what a SAG Card is and how to get in – How to Get Into SAG

Learn the types of characters you can portray, your age range, and your best emotional range.

After you’ve been taking classes for a while, depending on your looks, you can get into Commercial Acting if you’d like. I recommend not getting a SAG card right away if you want to get into commercial stuff, as most commercials are going to be non-union.

Now there are a few sites to sign up to if you want to actively participate in the acting world. I’ll list them below.

  1. LA Casting
  2. Actors Access
  3. IMDB Pro
  4. Backstage (Optional)

If you want to do some extra work to make some money check out Central Casting

Okay I’ve started taking classes, what else can I do?

Update your Acting Resume
All Actors need to have an acting resume as well as a normal resume (starving artist amirite?) – Here’s a good site for templates – Acting Resume Examples

Update your IMDB with any credits greater than extra work
As an actor it’s your job to keep your IMDB and resume up to date with the projects you do. If you have the lead role in a short film, be sure to include that in your resume/IMDB profile until you have better credits. Some credits are better than no credits.

Get Good Headshots
Anyone with a camera can take some pictures. Spend the 100-300$ to get headshots based on what you decide is your type from earlier on. A type can be anything, from Jock to Nerd to Superhero. There are a lot of photographers in LA willing to do it, I recommend David Muller for professional level headshots, but don’t use him when you’re just getting started.

I HIGHLY recommend learning how to network. Networking in LA is one of the biggest parts of acting, funny enough. I would pick up the book How to Win Friends and Influence People, as that book will teach you how to make anyone like you as a human bean.


Okay. What about modeling?

Modeling is a little bit more straightforward.

First things first, you need to be cut and toned. If you aren’t at or around 6-10% body fat you won’t get in anywhere. Get your body in good physical shape.

Once you’ve done that you really just need to get some modeling headshots done (different from acting headshots), and start putting yourself out there through Social Media (Instagram is CRAZY good right now), and knocking down doors on Open Casting days. LA Models does one on Wednesdays.

And again, I can’t stress this enough, learn how to network.

Tips for Both

Definitely get your Instagram up and running and start trying to build a following. Instagram is HUGE right now and it’s only projected to get bigger.

YouTube channels are always a good way to go, and with Instagram TV too you can’t go wrong, it’s brand new and supposedly is supposed to take over YouTube. Time will tell though.

Get off Snapchat. It’s dying and there’s very little there to offer to promote yourself. I personally only use it for personal reasons now.

Build yourself a website, or hire someone to do it. I built my website (I can build one for you too if you contact me) and throw your resume on there, your headshots, and link your Instagram. Just having a website offers you a lot of credibility.

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll be back with more later on.


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