Hello Los Angeles!

Hey all,

Been a while since I’ve posted anything on here so I thought I’d make a post reflecting my current situation in Los Angeles.

I’ve been living in West Hollywood for the last 5-6 months and honestly while it’s been fun I think I may need to move away from WeHo soon. The hard part is it’s in Los Angeles and finding something affordable can be hard.

Right now my current apartment is wonderful. 1600$/month, all utilities, Wi-Fi, Parking, we have a pool, etc. The primary issue is the HOA here. We have a HOA here on North Crescent Heights that is just full of ancient beings.

These people are 65+ most of them, retired, enjoying the fruits of their hard earned labors during life.

They don’t like us here because we rent while the other 95% of units all are bought and owned. A good instance of this is our Wi-Fi doesn’t work reliably. It’s because of old cables, Spectrum has come and personally confirmed this for us. The HOA refuses to let us fix it. While I understand they dislike us, this is insane.

The issue comes in that they’re at the heart of West Hollywood. While it may have been a peaceful place in the past, it certainly is not anymore with a plethora of nightclubs, bars, etc. nearby. It’s even the center of attention for Pride, which was just hosted less than a mile away in West Hollywood near The Abbey and other such bars. But they don’t care, they want things to remain the same in its archaic ways.

So I’ve been looking for a new place.

I’ve been checking Craigslist, Westside Rentals, Facebook Groups, the whole nine. Just can’t seem to find anything that satisfies my requirements. I’m trying to pay under 1600$/month right now for something that is either a single (1 bedroom) or a roommate situation (2 bedrooms), that includes at least furnishings or some utilities. 1600+ utilities is out of my price range currently, so I’m attempting to play it by ear.

Just a stressful situation.

In other news, I just got back from Las Vegas for a promoter trip. It was a blast and Tommy Bunns (The Hollywood Promoter) is the one who deserves the credit.

Currently I’m still attempting to break into this crazy world of Acting and Modelling out here, it’s just harder than I anticipated. Coming out here from Maine and not knowing anything about the two worlds has been harder than I thought. I mean hell when I moved here I didn’t even know what a SAG card was.

I think personally that Commercial Acting and Print Modelling is my best call right now in terms of things I can do to further my career.

In terms of money, I think Internet Marketing is my current horse to ride. As fun as promoting is, I really don’t know how viable it is because I just can’t seem to get attractive girls to commit to going to a place and actually following through.

I think the above is because there are probably four club promoters for each attractive well-known girl (if not more) that are inviting them to all sorts of places. Hard to compete with so many offers on the table.

The hardest part of all of this is deciding which route to go.

Los Angeles is a beast of opportunity. Right now alone I’m trying to pursue Acting, Modelling, Promoting, Bouncing, App Development (BrHop and Digits123), and Internet Marketing all at once. As you can imagine this is quite the overwhelming amount of stimuli that I’m trying to process.

Nevermind the fact that girls are of course on my mind as always.

This is just a long-winded update to my current life right now.

Thanks for reading to anyone out there!

  • Zach

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